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5 Reasons Why I Should Visit A Wedding Fair?

Not that we are biased or anything, but we thought it would be useful to write a blog on why we think it is beneficial for every bride and groom to visit a wedding fair when planning their big day! We have picked our top 5 benefits on why you will be so glad you visited a wedding fair before your big day!

A good wedding fair can save you money!

Want to save money on your big day? Go to wedding fairs! It is very common that exhibitors will offer exclusive deals at wedding fairs to boost sales and interest! This is a great way to save money by getting great deals with fantastic suppliers!

Some suppliers will also team up with other vendors to offer group discounts if you book them together, this can be a great way to get a reduced package with suppliers that like working together which can make things easier on the day.

Look out for Jaffa cake and party ring deals from some of our suppliers who will give you a discount if you bring them some of their favourite food. Great fun and saves you money too!

At some of the bigger fairs, you may even get wedding venues exhibit that will offer exclusive wedding packages that are for the fair only! If you are looking for a bargain for your big day, our biggest TIP is to visit a wedding fair!

You can see a range of different venues!

Most wedding venues will host a wedding fair so it is a great way to see lots of different venues and choose which venue suits you best. Some venues will hold it themselves privately with their preferred suppliers, while others will outsource the wedding fair organisation and may have a wider variety of exhibitors. Either way, most wedding fairs are usually free of charge to enter and are great ways to see the venue.

On most occasions, the venue will have the main areas decorated so you can envision your dream day, as well as provide tours of the venue. It is a great way to see the venue in a more casual light too before you make any decisions and start paying deposits!You may get special offers on the day if you pay a deposit within a certain time frame so this can be an added bonus if you take a look around and fall in love.Often a venue might offer a free glass of fizz and canapes and nibbles, this is a great way to have a mini taster of their food to see if it meets your expectations.

Our top tip is to visit a few different venues when they are hosting wedding fairs so you can get a real feel for different style venues as well as a range of different exhibitors.

Free cake samples!

Does this one even need explaining?! Only joking, but seriously free samples are another fab reason to visit a wedding fair! You get to meet different suppliers who love to offer free samples. It is such a fun (and free) way to try before you buy, as they say!

It’s not all about the cake either, you can indulge your senses, listen to music, interact with magicians, and get your photo taken in a photo booth for example. Seeing a venue beautifully dressed by a supplier can really help you to think about how you want things to look. Interacting in this way, really helps you envisage what your special day will look and feel like

Ask all those questions on your list!

What better way to ask all those questions you have niggling away at you than to meet the venues or exhibitors themselves and ask them directly in a casual setting? It is such a brilliant opportunity to meet the best experts in the industry and get all the information and details you need before making any decisions! We would advise making a list of questions you might have and take with you so that you don’t become overwhelmed on the day.

A wedding fair is a relaxed fun place to be so you can take a look without feeling pressured and ask all the difficult questions without feeling awkward as you are under no obligation.

Talking to suppliers and getting comparable quotes can also help you budget or make compromises if necessary. Weddings don’t have to be expensive but many are so making sure you are getting great value for money, whatever your budget is imperative.

Don’t forget at the Word on Weddings we are here to help so feel free to message our Facebook page or email and we will advise where we can. We know the best suppliers!

Meet amazing suppliers!

This point has already been said, but you really do get to meet the best in the industry! In most cases, especially the bigger, more exclusive fairs, it is a real financial investment for the exhibitors to be there. Therefore, you know that the exhibitors in the room take their businesses very seriously and are focused on delivering a great service to their clients.

By visiting different fairs, you get to meet a real range of the brilliant suppliers out there, and you might even get some ideas that you haven’t even considered yet that could just be the cherry on the cake for your wedding!

We hope these 5 reasons have sparked your interest when considering if a wedding fair could be a part of your wedding day planning prep! Wedding fairs are so much fun, filled with entertainment, industry experts, and an enjoyable planning trip to get you excited for your big day!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Word on Weddings team who have many years running wedding fairs at a range of venues, from football stadiums to boutique hotels!

We also highly recommend checking out our upcoming fairs page where you can get all the information you need as well as where to register your free tickets!

Bonus reason

You might just bump into a celebrity guest! At our last ICC Wales Wedding Fair (February 2023) we were delighted to welcome David Emanuel as our celebrity guest.

David was supporting his brother Josh Llewelyn, and his partner Lorraine owners of the fabulous Gileston Manor. David arrived in their Bentley and was at the fair all day chatting to attendees and graciously having photos taken.

He assured us we didn’t need to practice curtseying but we felt like we had wedding royalty visiting that was for sure.

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