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Looking For Inspiration From Around The World!

Here are some fun wedding traditions from around the world!

We thought in this week’s blog, we would explore this and look at some unique and interesting wedding traditions!

Did you know that the origin of marriage is thought to be dated well before recorded history? However, the first recorded evidence of marriage is around 2350 B.C. Since that time, weddings have spread throughout cultures and countries all over the world!

Let’s take a look at some different marriage traditions:


Baumstamm Sägen

In Germany, one tradition is known as Baumstamm Sägen. Baumstamm Sägen is where the couple saw a log! We love this tradition as the sawing of the log is meant to symbolise the strength of the couple as they face challenges in their marriage! Although, I am not sure about the idea of getting a splinter on your wedding day!

United Kingdom

In the UK, we are used to the wedding being a day full of smiles and laughter. Well, this is not the case in the Congo where the Bride and Groom are not supposed to smile during the wedding as it is a sign that they are not serious about the wedding!

Czech Republic

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Sleeping Baby

In Czech Republic, there is a tradition that is thought to help increase fertility! The wedding guests will place a baby on the marital bed to help increase the couple’s fertility.


Norwegian weddings have also had interesting wedding traditions, dating back to the Viking days where both rings and swords were given. Have you heard of this tradition? When wedding guests stamp their feet, the wedding couple are expected to share a kiss under the table!

More Tidbits

Lets hope Norway and Czech Republic traditions don’t get combined, doing  more under the table than kissing might lead to a honeymoon baby.

Did you know in some cultures, including Japan, the couples go through a ‘purification’. This ritual is belied to cleanse the couple of any evil spirits!

In some Jewish communities, they perform Yichud. Yichud refers to a period of seclusion during the wedding day where the bride and groom are separated.

It is thought that historically this is a time where couples would consummate the marriage, but nowadays it is seen more as a time to relax and enjoy food before the couple meet their loved ones at the reception!

In medieval times, hygiene definitely wasn’t what it was today! Therefore, it became a tradition to bathe themselves and wash their bodies thoroughly to prepare them for the intimacy that followed the wedding ceremony! Imagine that!

It definitely seems that weddings, no matter where you are in the world, hold many beautiful, interesting or unique traditions that have been passed down over time! What do you think about wedding traditions?

It is interesting as being in the industry means we get to speak to thousands of couples and more and more now try to move away from a traditional wedding, and instead opt for something a little more creative or unique to them!

At The Word on Weddings we feel that there is beauty in both!

 Modern weddings that don’t prioritise traditions can be fun and different, but we do love a traditional wedding too and sometimes you just can’t beat classic traditional celebrations. What do you think – traditional celebration or a modern twist?

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